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Roland EGX-30A Desktop Engraver

The Roland EGX-30A desktop engraving machine produces everything from gifts and awards to signs and rhinestone decorated apparel. This cost-effective engraving solution comes complete with bundled software, a vacuum hose and a brass adaptor for scribing. Boost production and profits, running quietly in any office setting. 12-by-8-inch work area, USB port and cable included.

$ 3,995.00
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U-Marq Gem-RX5 Engraving Machine

The U-MARQ Gem-RX5 is perfect for jewelry applications and engraves flat items, inside and outside of rings or bracelets, and 360 degrees around any small cylindrical item. It can cut out gold and copper sheet. The U-MARQ GEM-RX5 is the fastest and easiest to use gift and jewelry 4-axis mechanical engraver in the world!

$ 6,995.00
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Roland MPX-90 Photo Impact Printer

The MPX-90 is Roland's latest, most powerful impact printer ever, capable of printing on harder materials than any of our previous models. In addition to serving the kiosk, gift and jewelry markets, the MPX-90 is ideally suited for industrial marking applications including the production of serial number plates and data plates. It can also be used for medical and industrial tool identification and marking.

$ 4,995.00
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