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Welcome to Custom Engraving Company

We carry many different engraving machine brands such as ProPen and U-Marq desktop, jewelry and professional engraving machines and other engraving equipment and supplies.

Custom Engraving Company has been in the engraving business since 1985 so we have many years of technical experience to give you the best possible advice on purchasing any type of engraving machines or supplies. Call us and we will gladly give you free advice on your specific needs before you purchase.

Since we use these engraving machines daily in our own shop we have a very good understanding of their capabilities.  Our machine operators can troubleshoot any technical problem that you may have regarding setting up the machine or during normal operation.

The cost for an engraving machine depends on the features that are required for your application.

We would need to determine what substrates that you are wanting to engrave on and the sizes of those items. If you want to engrave on laminated plastic and on the surface of metals for identification plates and tags then you can use any entry level machine. If you need to engrave on cylindrical items such as glassware or bottles then the machine cost goes into a higher price range.

Once we determine the types of items that you wish to engrave it will give us a better understanding of your specific industry requirements.  We sell many brands so we have experience using all of these engraver machine models.  We can definitely guide you to the right engraving machine that is best for your business.

Rotary Engravers are used for engraving various materials including dual color laminated plastics, anodized aluminum nameplates, identification tags, name badges, signs, ADA Braille compliance signage, directory signs, trophies, awards, jewelry, rings and promotional items like pens, key tags, luggage tags, and other personalized gifts. Many engraving machines can also engrave glassware and wine bottles.

If you wish to engrave deep into hard metals such as stainless steel, solid brass or aluminum then you would definitely need a good quality rotary machine with a heavy duty spindle.  Please call for more information about engraving machines and other equipment for industrial marking and gift engraving.

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We provide the right computer engraving machine, sign making machine or engraving equipment for your specific application. We can ensure our customers consistent quality, technical training and customer support. Major brands of engraving equipment include U-Marq GEM-RX-5, GEM FX-5, and ProPen jewelry engraving machines, and MPX-90 photo impact printers. We also carry full color transfer systems, die sublimation printers and bulk ink kits and vinyl cutting equipment and supplies.

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