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We offer many different brands of engraving machines such as Roland Desktop Engravers, ProPen personalized gift engravers, U-Marq engraving machines and other laser engraving equipment and supplies.

Custom Engraving Company has been in the engraving business since 1985.¬†With all those years of technical experience, we are one of the only retailers that can give you the best possible advice on purchasing all types of engraving equipment and supplies. That’s a huge claim. We can deliver the right machine for your application and will give tons of advice on your specific needs before you purchase.

Using many of these engraving machines daily–in our own shops–we have an amazing, real world, understanding of their capabilities. Before you buy from an online source that is selling you a machine in a box–consider us, and tap into our professional advice. And after the sale, we’re here to help you profit from their use. We also have technicians that can give ongoing technical support or troubleshooting once you receive your engraver.


The cost for an engraving machine also depends on the features that are required for your application.

Do you need a focused, specialized machine–maybe only to engrave rings or pens? Or are you looking for a multi-use engraver, that can do just about anything? While most engravers work on flat objects, it takes much more to hold that ring or pen–or engrave round items, like a stein, mug or glass. We can help you get everything you need to build a turn-key solution–or can help you build the expertise it takes to engrave just about anything.


Do you know what you want to engrave? We need to determine what substrates are available, and can then help you source the best size for your needs. From laminated plastics to all sorts of metals and woods–to a huge selection of products and promotional materials, we know that there’s so much more to running your business than just buying a machine.¬†Custom Engraving Company is here to help you navigate all the options and can get you started quickly–Turn your investment, into a money maker.

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