Photo Engraving Machines

Custom Engraving Company has has been in the customized gift industry for the past 30 years, our Photo-Engraving Machines are sure to increase the profit and workflow of any jewelry or gift shop. The process is usually done on any flat, reflective metal -or- brushed metal surface. The Photographic Engraving Machines we offer each work in different ways, The Metaza MPX-90 is a Photographic Impact Printer and uses a replaceable metal bit of special alloy to etch through the surface of metal substrates.

Photographic Impact Printers etch white and lighter areas of a picture on to the substrate, and leave solid reflective surfacing for the dark or black area in an image (this can be reversed if desired). Our Roland EGX-20 Desktop Engravers and U-Marq Gem-FX5 Engravers are not Impact Printers, however they can still engrave the lines and shading depths of a photograph or image just as a Photo Impact Printer would using a diamond or alloy bit.

U-Marq Gem-CX5 Engraving Machine

U-Marq Gem-CX5 Engraving Machine

The U-Marq Gem-CX5 engraving machine takes over where the RX5 and FX5 leave off, with the power and reliability of a true 4 axis engraver.

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U-Marq Gem-FX5 Engraving Machine

Gem RX-5 Engraving Machine

This is a dream machine for large industrial plates as well as maintaining the vice force needed to engrave small jewelry as well.

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