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Clamshell Heat Press

Knight clam shell heat press

The clamshell heat press machine is full-featured and saves time and money for production transfer pressing.

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The DK Clamshell Heat Press is ideal for environments where space is limited, and for users who need mobility and more portability than what is offered with larger heat presses. Add the optional twin station upgrade to this unit and you have the ultimate clamshell dual station light production heat transfer press. Up-gradable, super-sturdy and built to last, the Clamshell Heat Press is simply a great machine.

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Though it’s our mid-sized heat press, this press is available with a 14″x16″ or the more versatile 16″ x 20″ press bed (called a platen). The clamshell design opens for full access to the lower bottom table. This press is the lowest cost solution for a business-grade, safely engineered, heavy-duty, Digital heat press. Constructed with safety in mind, it’s large width opening and extra long handles reduce the amount of strength needed to operate the Heat Press, as well as keeping hands further from the heating element when pressing a heat transfer.

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The press has a spacious frame support which allows operators to position shirts over the table with complete drape space around and underneath the loading area for more precise heat transfers. There are also interchangeable bottom tables for those who need smaller pressing areas. And, it can be easily upgraded to an automatic release press with a compressed air gas shock lift which allows the press to “Pop-Up” automatically. This allows for hands-free operation and faster semi-automatic garment production at a very affordable price.

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