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DWX-30 Dental Milling System

DWX-30 Dental Milling System

The DWX-30 Dental Milling System is a master dental prosthetic design & creation machine.

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DWX-30 Dental Milling System

The DWX-30 Dental Milling System was designed to cut high quality dental prosthetic’s such as crowns, copings, bridges and dentures out of materials like wax or Zirconia. The machine is designed to increase crucial precision and enable full user control while reducing errors, resulting in saved time and money. The DWX-30 is a milling business opportunity right out of the box, complete with bundled software and Rolands legendary Virtual Machine Panel or “VPanel” users can set up dental milling with ease and efficiency.

DWX-30 Dental Milling System

Roland’s DWX-30 Dental Milling System’s innovative dental clamp is an integrated, prosthetic-milling aid that allows for quick and easy setup of the material to be milled, as well as quick and effortless material changeover. With the use of included sub-clamps and various adaptors, the DWX-30 Milling System is made to hold a wide variety of milling material ranging from 100mm discs to smaller blocks of wax or zirconia. This ensures that your DWX-30 will be able and ready to mill & engrave the most suitable materials for your dental prosthesis or dental prototype, as well as handling the most available, and cost effective materials as well.

DWX-30 Dental Milling System

Roland’s DWX-30 includes a tool detection sensor which helps achieve unattended precision cutting. When a tool change is necessary, you need not worry about placing the tool correctly, or measuring tool height; simply install the tool, start the tool detection process, and the tool is measured automatically. This allows for high precision cutting with little to no downtime during the milling process. The high performance sensor also helps to set up the dental clamp and the milling origins needed to begin production. This sensor is designed to handle the smallest and most delicate tools without ever breaking the tips.

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