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DWX-50 Dental Milling Machine

DWX-50 Milling Machine

The DWX-50 Dental Milling Machine is a top of the line, dental prototype & prosthetic creation device.

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DWX-50 Dental Milling

The DWX-50 is compatible with a wide range of software and tools and is built on open technology, allowing for effortless integration with any commercially available dental prosthetic production solution. Additionally, the DWX-50 offers multicast capability, making it possible to connect up to four machines to one computer, allowing you to grow your business significantly by adding additional production ready milling machines to the same CNC work station, minimizing the need for individual computers and maximizing potential production flow

DWX-50 Dental Milling Machine

The DWX-50 is built around the production enhancing, 5-axis simultaneous machining philosophy. Instead of milling along two movement axis and one Z-depth axis, Milling on X,Y, Z axes and rotating the blocks and discs of material 360 degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. This 5 axis dental milling rig has a maximum pitch allowance (for materials to be tilted forward and backward) of 20 degrees, to achieve more complex cuts. The interchangeable Double edged cutting tools offer superb milling efficiency and quality.

DWX-50 Dental Milling Machine

The DWX-50 Dental Milling Machine comes with a built in Automatic Tool Changer with a tool length sensor. Enabling the user to run multiple tools for one job, or to run an entire milling disc unattended. Instead of inspecting finished pieces to determine if everything was milled correctly, the integrated tool diagnostics feature will notify users if a tool was broken prior to completion, resulting in reduced waste of materials and valuable time. Using the tool length sensor, the automatic tool changer will also verify that a tool was properly placed back in the magazine, preventing possible mechanical failures.

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