Milling Machines

Subtractive Rapid-Prototyping or (SRP) Milling Machines create fully functional protoypes and snap-fit parts that can be put to the same tests serve the same purpose as the end result product. SRP Milling Machines Produce Prototypes with a silky smooth surface finish not found with traditional additive prototyping devices, twice as fast, and at less than half the price. SRP Milling Machines are capable of creating prototypes from a wide range of plastics, wood and nonferous metal materials that are better for thermal and electrical testing than those of additive prototyping machines. SRP Mills are also able to function as CNC Engravers, accurate to within 0.001mm.
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Engraving Machines | Vinyl Cutters | Full Color Transfer Equipment

We provide the right computer engraving machine, sign making machine or engraving equipment for your specific application. We can ensure our customers consistent quality, technical training and customer support. Major brands of engraving equipment include U-Marq GEM-RX-5, GEM FX-5, and ProPen jewelry engraving machines, and MPX-90 photo impact printers. We also carry full color transfer systems, die sublimation printers and bulk ink kits and vinyl cutting equipment and supplies.

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