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U-Marq Gem-CX5 Engraving Machine

U-Marq Gem-CX5 Engraving Machine

The U-Marq Gem-CX5 engraving machine takes over where the RX5 and FX5 leave off, with the power and reliability of a true 4 axis engraver.

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Designed for the counter top of a workshop, for customers who have higher demands, the GEM-CX5 is a user-friendly, high power, true 4-Axis professional engraving machine. Able to handle almost any engraving task, the Gem-CX5 is built at just the right size to aid a kiosk or small jewelry store quickly and efficiently without creating much noise or vibration.

The GEM-CX5 Engraver is the answer to any engraving need. It’s a fast, smart, convenient and impressive machine choice for new engraving companies and seasoned corporations alike.

CX5 Engraved Items

Easily Linked to your laptop or PC and designed with user friendly interface software, it is easy to setup and use in any environment where fast and efficient engraving of single or multiple items is needed. Implementing This machine is a great decision for any jewelry store or custom item outlet, with the ability to add an entire new spectrum of revenue to the existing product sales. Affordable replacement parts & engraving bits combined with virtually maintenance free engineering allow a more stable and worry relieving work environment.

U-Marq Gem-CX5 Engraving Machine

As well as gifts and personal items, the GEM-CX5 will engrave jewelry, trophy’s, tankards, glass, tags, labels and much more! For the jeweler, the GEM-CX5 can also be used to cut out names and shapes in most sheet metal like gold, silver, copper and other sheet material. The GEM-CX5 is a true 4 axis engraving machine, giving the user absolute control over the cylindrical axis, no task is too demanding.

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