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Custom Engraving Company has been a leading provider of Heat Press Machines and Professional Sublimation and Ink Jet Printers for 27 years. Our Sublimation Printers are equipped to print on virtually any material or substrate in high definition and full color. We offer PC operable complete Turn-Key Solutions to help you’re business take off and soar to new heights.

We 2 different Sublimation Printer Packages as well as a variety of Heat Press Machines built specifically to press on apparel, hats, mouse pads, coffee mugs, wall signs, license plates, key chains and a multitude of other materials.

We utilize Sublimation Printers and Heat Press Machines daily and we’re always learning new techniques and advantages to incorporate to create a more productive work-flow. With our years of technical experience we can give you the best possible advice on purchasing all types of printing or pressing equipment and supplies, as well as deliver the right machine for your application through a free consultation regarding your specific needs before you purchase.

The key to the SubliJet-R system used by our printers is the chemical process. When sublimation inks are heated to 400°F, they turn into a gas and form a permanent bond to 100% polyester fabric or items that have a polymer coating. The result is a premium, full-color, photographic-quality image that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate to which it was applied.

We will work with you to help determine which Printer or Heat Press is right for the items you’re going create based on item size, shape and type of material; as well as what other substrates or materials may be printed or pressed using the same machines. We offer additional assistance determining whether or not “Bigger Is Better” for you’re particular job requirements. For example if you want to create or market customized T-Shirts, you would only require 2 entry level machines to do so, one Heat Press and one Printer Package.

Sublimation Printers

Heat Press Machines

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