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JetPress Heat Press

JetPress heat press

Perfect for production transfers on to apparel. The JetPress Heat Press is a compact, capable light duty heatpress, available in 2 sizes.

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JetPress heat presses apply several hundred pounds of clamping force with little operator effort, providing the pressure needed for professional iron-on transfer paper or screen printing results that last. This Heat Press is one of our light duty models that can still handle a wide variety of larger items, including customized tote-bags or personalized binders. Built on a swing-arm, the JetPress Heat Press’s upper platen can be swung to one side to allow more room for centering materials and substrates on the lower plate for transfer. This helps prevent accidents that commonly occur when operating heat presses, bumping in to the hot upper platen.

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Why a Heat Press? JetPress Heat Presses provide far higher temperatures than any hand iron could ever deliver. Very high heat is necessary for a perfectly successful transfer, since the sublimation materials only transfer from the paper to the product with intense temperature. The heat is distributed evenly throughout a large heating area providing heat to the necessary areas of the substrate all at once, in the same time frame, making overlapping press marks (which would be present with a hand iron if pressed more than once) are a thing of the distant past. Choose from 9″x12″ or 12″x14″ press beds.

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Made with a large heating element within the upper platen that covers 99% of the surface area, these heat presses will ensure that even pressure and heat will be applied to the entire press bed. In the sublimation and pressing business, what you want to avoid is wasted material and effort, which is prominent when using a “cheap heat press” or a heat press machine that has a sparsely distributed heating element. This negligence is not easily identified, as the heating element rests inside the upper metal heating platen.

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