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MDX-40A Milling Machine

MDX-40A High End Milling Machine

Roland’s MDX-40A Milling Machine is compact and quiet, making it perfect for on-site milling and prototyping.

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MDX-40A High End Milling Machine

Perfect for home or office, the MDX-40A is an amazing, cost effective tool that plugs right into your PC. The CNC milling machine’s innovative design gives you advanced capabilities of a Subtractive Rapid Prototyping┬« (SRP) system with the ease-of-use of a desktop CNC mill.

For engineers and designers, it’s a powerful 3D milling device. And–at less than half the cost of most additive prototyping systems, the MDX-40A CNC Milling Machine produces affordable, testable and highly accurate prototypes from a wide variety of non-proprietary materials with greater precision and excellent surface finish.

MDX-40A High End Milling Machine

Unlike other CNC machines used for rapid prototyping, the compact design of the MDX-40A is the perfect fit for any office and classroom space, making it an ideal desktop mill or prototyping machine.

The MDX-40A Milling Machine comes complete with optional milling opportunities built right in, like it’s ability to function as a Desktop CNC Engraver. Generally for further personalizing or labeling prototypes that have been custom-milled from material blocks, it’s engraving functions and capabilities are just as fast and accurate as other CNC Engraving Machines on the market.

MDX-40A High End Milling Machine

Roland’s Optional contact scanning unit digitizes physical parts for use in reverse engineering, product design, woodworking, archiving and much more. Add this machine to your studio. It’s an amazing machine that lets you offer 3D milling, CAD-CAM output, rapid prototyping, woodworking and even basic engraving.

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