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U-Marq Gem-FX5 Engraving Machine

Gem RX-5 Engraving Machine

This is a dream machine for large industrial plates as well as maintaining the vice force needed to engrave small jewelry as well.

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The U-MARQ Gem-FX5 Engraving Machine is perfect for engraving flat material of all kinds, with an interchangeable bit feed, it can engrave a variety of widely used substrates such as plastic, acrylic, sized sheet metal, wood, chrome plated items, solid steel items, pewter and silver. It can also engrave text, line art and even some photographic images on small & soft precious metals like 24K gold, white gold and pink gold without leaving any excess marks or scratches around the tool-path of the engraver. In combination with the optional Nose-Cone Vacuum Attachment, The Gem-FX5 provides an ultra-clean work environment and eliminates mistakes cause by excess material shavings.

The GEM-FX5 isn’t constrained to engraving jewelry or name plates small or large, because it has enough torque and power to handle much thicker materials as well, like carbonized blades of knives, gun barrels and ammunition clips, belt buckles, bullets and much more.
Equipped with the state-of-the-art and easy to use U-MARQ Gem-FX5 Engraving Software, the GEM-FX5 will connect to almost any standard PC or laptop. Unlike other engravers, the GEM-FX5 replaced it’s cable driven “Z” axis with a direct drive stepper and screw. This allows you to use fixed or floating depth control on the “Z” axis and provides more precision when engraving and cutting.

The Gem-FX5 has a flat engraving area of 160 x 75mm, a 50mm cylindrical capacity and self-centring vice, making it perfect for dealing with individual items or production runs.The GEM-RX5 is also the fastest and easiest gift and jewelry – 4 axis mechanical engraver in the world. The first truly versatile, small, affordable engraver to suite any budget. The GEM-RX5 also includes a set of jigs for holding a wide variety of merchandise, from simple circular and square objects like watches & lighters, to complex geometric shapes like steel pewter designer earrings, extruded logos or bulky belt buckles,

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