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U-Marq Gem-RX5 Engraving Machine

U-Marq Gem-RX5 Engraving Machine

Built for speed, the U-MARQ GEM-RX5 is the fastest, quietest and easiest to use 4-axis gift and jewelry engraver in the world!

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Gem-RX5 Engraving Ring

The U-MARQ Gem-RX5 is the perfect engraver for jewelry applications as well as engraving flat items, inside and outside of rings or bracelets, and 360 degrees around any small or medium sized cylindrical item. The U-MARQ Gem-RX5 is the fastest, most powerful, quietest and easiest to use 4-axis mechanical gift and jewelry engraver in the world! The Gem-RX5 is the first truly versatile, compact and affordable engraver built to suite any budget, while maintaining the power and speed required to engrave with confidence.

Gem-RX5 Engraving Pen

The GEM-RX5 comes with self-centering vise and jigs for holding a wide variety of merchandise such as jewelry, trophy plates, lighters, watches, hand bag mirrors and much more. Engraving rounded jewelry requires precision and the U-MARQ line of engravers deliver outstanding results. With the cylindrical axis you are able to engrave 360 degrees around a pen, USB-Pen Drive, mini flashlight, laser pointer and other hand held cylindrical items as well as medium sized objects such as stainless steel coffee mugs, metal scrolls, rounded sword and knife hilts.

Engraved Pen Drives

The U-MARQ GEM-RX4 is a fast, powerful and versatile engraver. It can engrave text on a simple tag in seconds and complex line art in mere minutes, practically eliminating long turn-around time and getting finished products to the customer faster.

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