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U-Marq Universal-350 Computerized Engraver

U-Marq Universal-350 Computerized Engraver

The Universal-350 is a powerful, versatile and speedy full spectrum engraving machine. The ultimate engraving platform for your store.

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Universal-350 Industrial Engraving

The U-Marq Universal-350 Computerized Engraver is one of the very front line Machines from U-Marq. It is so versatile and powerful that it’s classification and abilities can only be described as totally universal. The sleek and uncluttered design of the U-MARQ Universal-350 computerized engraving machine combined with tough mechanical stability, ensures that engraving on large or small cups, slavers & swords is as simple as a trophy plate. It even has the capabilities necessary to engrave deep in to tough metals typically used to label expensive machinery and equipment.

Universal-350 Engraved Trophy

Linked to your laptop or PC, it is easy to set up and use, transforming any environment in to the perfect work environment for engraving. The Universal-350 Computerized Engraver maximizes potential, with an engraving area large enough for tougher engraving tasks, as well as the precision, speed and quality necessary to engrave delicate and fragile jewelry. As well as gifts, personal items and industrial signs the Universal-350 will engrave large tankards, large glass bowls, brass plaques, aluminum signage, multiple badges, soap and much more!

Universal-350 Engraved Pet Urn

Where fast, reliable and efficient engraving is required, the U-Marq Universal-350 Computerized Engraver is a must have. With its high quality and high speed spindle, it’s ideal for the workshop or retail environment, especially where high production rate is in demand.

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